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Range extender is an important gadget to deliver the excellent wifi signals to the router. Amped is not only famous for their routers but also well renowned for their latest extenders. These devices are the core of smart network in the office and of the corporate sectors. Anyone who is facing the problem of the poor network due to blockages and distance problem. These gadgets are highly responsible in delivering the high performance of signals by transmitting the heavy signals into your wireless routers.

Amped users are given the facility to easily access their extender with the help of the web interface of these devices. Anyone with the facility of the Internet and the desktop can be able to establish the connection between the devices. These devices are not the only one which can be accessed with the help of the web interface, routers are also those devices which can be accessed with the help of the web interface. In order to access it with your desktop, an individual has to type on the URL of the browser. This web interface has also given the preference for accessing the features of the amped routers. One can also type the local IP address on the address bar to access the internet. The user is also allowed to perform the adjustments in their router settings, assigning the network name and change the password of their router

The Range extender is sometimes called the repeaters. These devices act as the interface between the network source and the wireless router. These wired and wireless extenders are placed on the halfway distance of the access point and the routers. An individual has to plugin to the switch and turns on the switch to make them operable.

These Extenders acts as the wifi-booster in your home network to improve the wifi signals of your router. These devices manage to repeat the signals from your wifi router to expand the range of your signals. Think of it in terms of the bridge which is allowing people to get to both sides of the river, left side of the river is the router and right side of the river is the network source and bridge is the extender which is permitting to, again and again, cross through that path conveniently. The Extender connected with your device allows the signals to travel throughout your home even to those compact room in which previously signals not used to transmit into your router. The Amped Wireless Extender can be accessed with the help of

These devices can be connected with your device with the help of three types of connection. These connections have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wifi connection, WPS connection, Ethernet connection are the kinds of connection that an individual can establish between the router and the extender. If the router is having the WPS button then only the WPS connection can be established between these devices. This connection is considered is the most intellectual connection. It does not allow the user to face any inconvenience of connecting the wires and managing them along with the placement of your router.

How to update the firmware in your Amped Extender?

update the firmware in your Amped Extender
Before updating the firmware, you have to check that the firmware version is available or not.
If there is an updated version available then you can update it from the web interface of the Amped router website.

  • Launch the web browser on your computer with
  • Login to the Amped Extender.
  • Enter the username along with the password to fulfill the details.
  • Click LOGIN
  • Your browser will itself display the menu icon
  • Then Select Firmware Update
  • Click Check Online
  • If the latest firmware will be available then it will automatically acknowledge you about that and give you the option to download it. Follow the ongoing instructions and download it.

Three types of connections are

WPS connection

This is one of the most intellectual connections that anyone can have. It is the shortest way to connect the router with the extender. This is a brilliant way to connect the router with the extender. Your router should be having the WPS button on it to allow to build the connection between your extender and the router. An individual does not have to face the hassle of adjusting the wires or anything. The extender will address you about the strong connection by turning the green light into the solid green. The extender will also notify you about the poor connection by turning the LED into the solid RED.

Wifi connection

This is the type of connection in which the user established the connection with the help of the wifi radiations. This is the smartest way of connecting the extender with the router. In this wireless type of connection, the extender should be placed within the wifi range to deliver the excellent performance to the router. The user has to identify the network name on the network list of the desktop and click on its name to create the connection. To have the best result in this wireless connection, extender should be plugged in the halfway distance of the network source and the wireless device.

Ethernet connection

This is the wired connection which is used to establish a brilliant connection. In this connection, the ethernet cable is used to connect the router with the extender. This is the time-consuming method but still the most reliable and trusted method. The user does not even have the convenience to take their device from one place to another because of this wired connection. Ethernet connection is once established, does not need to rebuild the connection. This is the permanent connection to properly connect the router with the extender

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