Increase the power of Wi-Fi signal via Amped Wireless Extender

The Amped Wireless Extender ( a device that, like a router, will have to be tuned. Wireless networks in one point of space can be several, and “relay” the device will be one of them (the user needs). Most office routers equipped with Wi-Fi-module can be used as a repeater. The power of the Wi-Fi router used as an Amped Wireless Extender is a very important parameter. But compatibility is even more important (that is, the repeater must support the required Wi-Fi communication protocol). When setting the parameters of the Amped Wireless Extender, you must select the mode of operation: Universal Repeater. Other settings, such as band width (20 MHz or 40), data rate, etc. – must completely coincide with the parameters of the “relayed” Wi-Fi network: The Amped Wireless Extender is a small device that takes a Wi-Fi signal from the router, amplifies it and transmits it further. Past experience suggests that success depends on the location of the extender. The repeater should be located close enough to the router to receive its signal steadily, and at the same time far enough away from it so that the Amped Wireless Extender ( the signal to the place where it did not previously penetrate.

What should be considered?

You can recommend the following: conduct a mental line from the router to the point where the network should be present and place the Amped Wireless Extender approximately in the middle of the resulting segment, next to the electrical outlet. If this helped to eliminate the dead zones, the problem was successfully solved. If not, move the extender to a different location and see what happened as a result. In other words, prepare to act by trial and error until the goal is achieved.


  • While login to, I was not able to reach the set up wizard. What should I do?

You must see whether your PC is connected with your wireless router through Ethernet cable While performing Amped wireless setup, make sure that you do not use wireless connection Checkout that your PC is not connected with any wireless network..

  • What could be the causes of low Internet speed? How to tackle this problem?


The router may be the cause of the slow Internet speed. The router, regardless of the specific model and manufacturer, is itself a weak link in the chain of devices for high-speed data transmission in the network.

The situation is exacerbated in the case of budget models of routers with weak technical characteristics. Those are more capable of reducing the data transfer rate due to constant hangs. Solving the problem with speed in this situation will only help to replace the router with a more efficient one, or use a non-default solution, if such is available from your telecom operator.


  • How to change the administrative password in order to access the router?

Change the administrator password to access the router, use at least 8 characters as password, taking into account the change of the register, as well as numbers and symbols. Login-administrator password should be written down somewhere in a safe place; after such operations we always have a lot of calls “how to reset the password.”

  • Iam not able to set channel of my router. Please help?


After the router has been configured, you need to pay attention to the Wi -Fi channel, which runs the router and wireless clients. Now the vast majority of Wi-Fi equipment operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, there are 14 channels on this frequency at which wireless devices can work.

In addition to frequency, significant parameters are signal to noise ratio, signal power and bandwidth. If all devices work on the same channel, then there will be conflicts between them, which for the user will look like regular “friezes”, i.e. fading when opening resources in the browser or interrupting the translation of video and sound.

  • Where should I locate my Amped wireless router with respect to the windows or the influence of the microwave oven?

Do not worry about the location of the router in the apartment with respect to the windows or the influence of the microwave oven: it rarely causes any problems. The router is recommended to be placed “in the middle” of an apartment with the priority of placing to the most frequent point of work with wireless devices, for example in the living room or office, rather than the kitchen or in the closet in the corridor.

My Wi-Fi Internet speed is lower. Why does the router cut speed?

Each router cuts speed. As a rule, this depends on the price of the router itself. The more expensive it is, the more powerful it is, and the more powerful it is, it will reduce the speed less. We are talking about Wi-Fi connection right now. If the speed through the cable through the router and less, then as a rule, this is not critical. But on the wireless network, the loss in speed is decent.

What determines the speed of the Wi-Fi network, and how to get the maximum speed?

  • Wi-Fi router. The network standards, which it supports, what technologies it uses, and the power of the hardware itself. Typically, the more expensive the router, the higher the speed of the wireless network.
  • The software is a router, and a Wi-Fi receiver on your computer. Very often, with the upgrade of the firmware of the router, or the adapter drivers on the computer, the speed becomes larger.
  • Interference. The interference can be from other, neighboring Wi-Fi networks (mostly), and from household appliances.
  • Power Wi-Fi network. It’s not news that near the router, where the signal is maximum, and the speed will be higher than in the other room, where the network signal is not so stable.
  • How to organize a Wi-Fi network, what would the speed loss be minimal?

If you have not already connected the Internet, and if there is a possibility, select a provider that uses Dynamic IP connection technology, or Static IP. So the router will be easier, and it’s much easier to configure such a connection.

You want a minimal loss of speed; you will have to spend on a router. We advise buying a router that can work at a frequency of 5 GHz (GHz), and support for the new standard. The frequency of 5 GHz is now practically free, which means that there will not be much interference there.

I am just 5 feet away from my amped wireless extender and getting only 2-4 Wi-Fi signals on my system. Please tell me some effective method of increasing signal?

Go to and check out your internet speed here. Connect your system to the modem and again check the speed at Still you are facing the same problem, then kindly contact to your service provider.

The main set up wizard in not able to configure my network connection. What actions need to be performed?

  • First, reset the modem. Once you are done with this, try it once again.
  • It may possible that your network connection need static IP settings. To do this, you must consult your ISP.
  • It is also possible that your network connection need to clone your MAC address.

How to know the particular days or time when the network signal is available to us? And how to restrict unwanted guest by using our internet?

Brilliant security highlights enable you to set the correct days and times that the systems are accessible, control the quality of your flag, and even piece particular gadgets from getting to the system by any stretch of the imagination. Make up to 8 extra Wi-Fi systems for visitors or meeting rooms and appreciate secure connection with WPS push catch design.

  • How could I prevent the Wi-Fi signal from disappearing?

To prevent the Wi-Fi signal from disappearing, and the online video does not slow down when viewed, the home router needs to be properly installed and configured.

  • Check the standard of the router
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Choose the right place
  • Get rid of interference
  • Protect the network from uninvited guests